The Alliance for International Development, Education and Research

Welcome to The AIDER Group LTD

The Alliance for International Development, Education and Research (AIDER) is a UK based international consortium of specialists, providing consultancy services with expert knowledge in law, business, education, international development, policy analysis and security consultancy. 

AIDER works with clients and partners in West Africa and in particular The Gambia, Senegal and Ghana. 

With global aspirations, innovation and accuracy, AIDER can empower you to transform your ingenuity into productivity, by matching you up with global experts who will provide you, your business or organisation with personalised professional advice and guidance in order to minimise risks and maximise output. Our associates have experience working in Europe, Africa, Middle East and The Americas in professional roles, this means that they have local knowledge and expertise that will successfully implement your plan.


AIDER guides companies, organisations and individual clients by acting as a trusted advisor providing objective guidance on opportunities and challenges. You will benefit from a broad scope of international and local expertise acquired from years of engagement in specific locations around the world in which we operate.

AIDER will support you to transform your ideas into a reality and develop your concept into fruition by providing you with unrestricted information, guidance and support in your area of interest.

Our services include:

  • A bespoke service on business start up, planning, growing, expanding, human resources and legislation;
  • Support and guidance on international relations, charity & NGO management and sustainability;
  • Research, online courses and training;
  • Information on building construction, irrigation and installation of solar panels to provide water and electricity.

Please see AIDER’s service pages for more information on each category.

We are in partnerships with recognised and experienced business experts, law and accountancy firms, to ensure that you receive accurate advice and guidance through all steps of the domestic and international regulatory regimes in a manner that is efficient and effective from a business standpoint.

Who we work with:

Governments, NGOs, Charities, Businesses, Investors, Students and Individuals

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Our Partners:

The AIDER Group LTD offer
Consultancy Services in:

  • Law
  • International Development
  • Research
  • Security Advise and Training
  • Infrastructural Development
  • Business
  • Nutrition
  • Online courses