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Whether you are a student wanting to pass your exam, write an excellent essay, conduct substantial research or you just simply want to be ahead of the game within your area of expertise, the Institute for Academic Research is where you need to be.

This institute plays a significant role in supporting learners, researchers and other professionals to access substantial academic resources, computers and internet services for academic research purposes. The centre encourages students and professionals to undertake extensive research in their areas of interest, to broaden their knowledge and understanding of their chosen subjects.

Members will have the opportunity to buy executive folders, laptops, pens, note pads, bags and other learning materials at a discounted price.

Our aim is to complement your studies and learning requirements and advance your career by contributing to knowledge and the advancement of higher and further education in The Gambia.

Membership is based on a first comes first served basis. We have limited spaces and those that cannot acquire membership will be placed on a waiting list. We have corporate deals so if you would like to register your staff to use our institute, please contact us to discuss discount entitlements.