Moringa is one of the world’s most useful plants due to it’s numerous benefits and has been growing within African communities for many years. Traditionally, this incredible tree is grown within people’s back gardens, towns and villages. At present AIDER is currently growing over 4000 Moringa trees on it’s farm in The Gambia.

AIDER’s Moringa production project is envisaged to provide sustainable funding for the charity Fresh Start Foundation. This is a small but established and a respectable charity operating in The Gambia, West Africa. The FSF’s aim is to advance education for children, young people and the wider community, contributing towards poverty alleviation by providing quality learning environments. The FSF consider that education and training should be available and accessible for all regardless of gender, age or financial status. In addition, the FSF fund eye clinics, conduct cataract operations, provide clean drinking water to schools, health facilities and to villages and livestock. FSF has also provided scholarships to talented students to further their education and has conducted tree planting, climate change and permaculture training with communities and schools. For more information on the Fresh Start Foundation please go to:




In order to ensure the sustainability and the continuation of the FSF’s amazing projects, the Moringa production will provide sustainable social and welfare support to our partners in The Gambia, and with the hope of expanding this support to other schools and communities in other African countries. Part of the profits from the Moringa production will be donated to charitable courses to enable life changing projects to continue providing much-needed support to disadvantaged children and communities.

AIDER works in an environment of fairness and respect for our workers, encouraging decent working conditions and fair wages. We give opportunities to our staff and the villagers to use our resources to produce their own vegetables, which they currently use for home consumption and/or for small income generation. Our projects denounce all forms of work that prevent children from either accessing education or play.