David Otto is the course author and director of Counter Terrorism (CT) at The TGS Intelligence Consultants Ltd and the Preventing Radicalisation and Violent Extremism Programme – Step In Step Out (SISO) based in the United Kingdom. He is also Senior Counter Terrorism Advisor for Global Risk International. David’s Work focuses on designing and implementing sustainable Anti Terrorism, Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime solutions to prevent and respond to vulnerabilities, political Instability, insurgencies and Organised Crime – between the geographical boundaries of the West and Africa. Under TGS Prevent initiative – SISO – David Otto was instrumental in organising the first ever African focused Counter Terrorism awareness conference in London (26th May 2015) in collaboration with the University of East London on the topic – ‘RADICALISATION.

He is frequently invited by NGOs including the UN, NATO, Interpol as a frontline practitioner and academic to share his knowledge and experience on government CT community resilience strategies in Europe, Asia and Africa, especially on national proactive intervention initiatives within local communities, national security sectors and prison settings. He is regularly invited and quoted by key news channels Aljazeera, BBC News, Arise TV, BEN TV, PRESS TV, VOX Africa, Channel TV, and AILTV …as an expert to share his opinion on security and Counter Terrorism from an African and western link perspective. His work has been published, and features in international newspapers, social media – IBTIMES,CNN Awake Africa, Africa Voices etc. David holds a BA (Hons) in Law and Criminology; Master of Science (MSc) in Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime; Diploma IMIS -Information Technology 1 and 2; Micro-computer and Network Systems; and Business Communication. David Otto is a Senior Advisor for the International Police Commission, A Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS) & Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) with the Anti-Terrorism Association Board. He is also a Certified Level 2 Prevent and Safeguarding Trainer in the UK.