John Evans is a trained Secondary School teacher who has worked in the UK with young people between 11 and 18 for some thirty years. He worked with students of all abilities including children with Special Needs (the gifted and those with learning difficulties). He taught English and English Literature at A level, GCSE and vocational level. He also taught History, Geography, Religious Education and Drama as well as a wide range of Personal and Social Educational programmes. He was Head of an English Department for 25 years as well as heading a Humanities Faculty and working as a Pastoral leader. He was also a Senior Teacher for ten years helping make decisions for the whole organisation. In all his management roles, he was in charge of leading staff in a wide range of administrative, curriculum and pastoral issues including raising achievement and student well-being. He has an understanding of the skills and aptitudes needed in leadership – something he is keen to share with other people.

John has a passion for well-being, mindfulness and meditation in both children and adults. As a teacher, he ran courses in these areas to deepen his knowledge and skills. He has practiced meditation for 25 years and has attended many courses and retreats in the Christian and Buddhist traditions. He has over recent years been following a programme of study in Buddhism, secular mindfulness and meditation which has included work in the psychology and practise of happiness. He has written and trialled materials and courses in schools as well as leading a parents group focused on meditation and mindfulness. He has now adapted these courses for use in a variety of contexts. An experienced writer, John has recently completed a novel encapsulating the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation.

Mr Evans has a deep commitment to the education and well-being of people in other countries. For eight years, he has been a Trustee of the Fresh Start Foundation, a charity providing opportunities and health support to people in The Gambia. He has also worked on two fundraising campaigns for the Karuna Trust who develop projects for people in the Dalit community in India. He achieved BA in English Literature from Sheffield University and went on to complete a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Leicester University.

John’s many years of experience within educational sectors has enabled him to acquire skills that will be invaluable to educational institutes both nationally and internationally, who aspire to improve their quality of teaching and learning. He has the experience to support your institution to develop a strategic plan that will improve teaching and learning, including resources, policies and curriculum development, providing continued professional development courses to staff and support your staff to engage effectively with learners. His excellent writing skills will be useful to authors who require editorial support from conception to completion of books and journals.