Julius Nkafu is a Barrister specialising in litigation and alternative dispute resolution in both the U.K. and Cameroon and was called to the English Bar at the Inner Temple in 2014 and called to the Cameroon Bar in 2006. He was enrolled as a solicitor of the supreme court of England & Wales in 2002. He obtained his first degree in law (premier degre en droit public) in the University of Yaoundé Cameroon, CPE, LLM at the London Guildhall University, PGCE at the University of Greenwich and PGC in Transnational Oil & Gas and Energy Law, University of Derby.

He started his legal Career in 1995 at MHQ Solicitors in the Docklands. He set up Julius & Co solicitors in 2006 and in 2010 became a partner at Julliz Solicitors LLP.

Julius is extremely hard working and will always try to find a solution to any matter that he is instructed on. Having practised as a solicitor for many years Julius understands the pressures solicitors can be under at times. He is able to accept instructions at very short notice and attend solicitor’s offices for conferences.
Before joining the Bar, Julius was instructed by other solicitors by way of Agency to represent clients in court, presenting their cases and arguments. Julius has been invited to present papers and speak at some very high level events abroad organised by governments and the private sector dealing with energy and other matters.

His experience in Alternative Disputes Resolution – Mediation and Arbitration makes him good at advising on the best ways of resolving disputes effectively in the most costs effective way.
Julius has been an elected member (Councillor) in the London borough of Hackney and a member of the Cabinet for crime and Community safety over 12 years and understands the law making process and the reasoning behind various laws. During this period, he chaired various committees and groups including the first Recommendation 61 (Macpherson report) monitoring group in the United Kingdom.

Julius was one of three lawyers in a team of 12 international observers appointed by the Commonwealth to observe and write a report on the Zambian General Elections which took place on the 11 of August 2016. This involved a detailed look at electoral laws and other relevant laws of the country to see to what extent the laws where complied with and to write a report with recommendations.

His specialist areas include:

  • Energy Law: Julius has represented and continues to represent energy companies in Africa on matters ranging from initial start-ups of operations to dispute resolution. This includes the oil and gas sector, mining and renewable energy. Julius works with city firms in London and Cameroon to deliver on some of the cases in Cameroon in particular. Julius, having been called to the Cameroon Bar and practises there too, is to represent foreign investors in the OHADA region of Africa.
  • Employment law: Julius has represented both claimants and respondents in the Employment tribunals and appeals. He has also represented a good number of commonwealth service men in the British Army in discrimination claims against the MoD.
  • Civil and commercial litigation: Julius has represented many clients on a variety of issues leading to litigation.
  • Immigration: Julius has represented a large number of clients across the UK in making initial applications, appealing and seeking judicial review.
  • Family: Julius has represented clients on divorce matters, contact/residence and ancillary relief matters.
  • Mediation and arbitration: Julius is a co-founder of JCS mediation a mediation company and has advised on arbitration clauses and participated in arbitration involving big companies in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Regulatory work: Julius has represented Nurses before the NMC and dealt with appeals before the county court. As a result of his substantial previous experience as a solicitor, Julius will be interested in representing Solicitors, Doctors and Nurses before their respective regulatory bodies.



I am a keen supporter and promoter of Alternative Dispute resolution and in 2009 I together with a colleague set up a successful mediation company in London called JCS Mediation. We did cases across the United Kingdom. I fully understand the spirit behind mediation and how to effectively conduct on from start to finish in both civil and commercial disputes. I do Continues professional Development (CPD) in mediation.


I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Over the years I have developed a keen interest in Arbitration which let me take a course in the University with international arbitration being a key module. That being the case, I did a lot of work on arbitration and wrote essays. The other subjects I took and passed include; Arbitration and dispute resolution, law of Energy Security and Sustainability and Energy Processing and distribution law.
On a practical level, I have and continue to represent a leading Oil and Gas company in Cameroon at arbitration in London. I have worked on the matter alone but also as part of a team with a major London based law firm.

I advised on the appropriateness of other methods for resolving dispute. We commenced the procedure from the beginning to the conclusion and I played a role at every step of the procedure including the hearings.
In the past three years, I have been involved in lengthy arbitration currently going on in London. As part of the team representing the claimant, I travelled abroad to interview witnesses, take statements, peruse files for evidence, and contribute towards drafting documents and attending hearings at the arbitration centre at fleet street in London. I am familiar with the procedure from the pre-action stage to the enforcement stage.

My area of specialism and interest include energy law, civil and commercial disputes, Banking, Employment and family law.

Julius Nkafu Lecture

The British Immigration policy is killing Africa’s prosperity as it is based on attracting only skilled employees from outside the European Union and in particular from Africa. This clearly cause a ” brain drain” in Africa which cancels out the British international aid support. One of the ways by which the policy does it this is through the point based system and the Highly Skilled Programmes which allow only young and very qualified professionals to come to the UK. The policy makes it extremely easy for a young qualified medical Doctor for example from Africa to come and work in the UK and thereafter settle in the UK. It costs a lot of money for any country in Africa to train a medical Doctor and upon completion, without giving anything back to the country, the policy actively encourages the young Doctor to migrate into the UK. A simple solution could include a condition that a newly qualified Doctor in Africa works in their country of origin for at least three years before they are allowed to come and work in the UK.

Julius Nkafu, Chairman of the Cameroon Business Council

(UK) panellist, trade mission to Cameroon by British investors, 8th December 2015.

Association of the Promotion of Arbitration in Africa

Julius is an active member of APAA (Association of the Promotion of Arbitration in Africa) With the headquarters in Yaounde, Cameroon. The association promotes arbitration by  arranging and running conferences, colloquium, creating and providing internships and trainings on Arbitration and mediation across Africa.

Julius spoke at a breakfast meeting organised by White and Case Solicitors LLP on the 29/06/2016 on Africa. He spoke about OHADA and how it has influenced arbitration in Africa. The opportunities and challenges, mentioning the recently signed agreement between ICC and OHADA as a really positive thing. Julius spoke about the recent Getma International v. Republic of Guinea case and pointed out that the court was correct to set aside the award. He spoke about the work of APAA in promoting arbitration in Africa. Julius said Brexit was a very bad idea but it has both positive and negative consequences for Africa but not for long. It will be business as usual in most of Africa and a small shock to countries whose currencies are pegged to the Euro.


French and English


LLB, LLM, PGCE, PGC in Transnational oil and gas and Energy law.


  • Chair Cameroon Business Council
  • Commonwealth Lawyers Association
  • Association of the Promotion of Arbitration in Africa (APAA)
  • Former member of Immigration Law Practitioner Association (ILPA)
  • Chair, Africans for labour
  • Member Africa Justice Foundation
  • Accredited Peer with the LGID
  • Pro bono legal advisor at the citizens advice bureau