Lamin Sanyang has fifteen years’ experience as a senior Community Development Manager, working with governments, United Nations agencies, International non-governmental organisations and rural communities in Africa and Asia. Lamin is also the Country Director of the Fresh Start Foundation (FSF) an International non-governmental organisation supporting community development projects such as education, health, water and sanitation and agricultural projects. He contributes to the creation of the vision and the strategic planning of organisations. He has implemented an extensive number of complex and challenging government and private sectors development projects by engaging and collaborating with communities and stakeholders.  His hands-on approach to work has enabled him to engage with partners and beneficiaries to elevate the portfolios of organisations. He has the ability to conduct strategic planning and monitoring and evaluating outcomes with concrete objectives. He has experience in resource mobilisations, advocacy and human resource management.

Lamin is an experienced researcher and has the ability to prepare concept notes, regularly delivering community development training programmes to professionals and community groups by strengthening their skills in business development and self-reliant projects. He has successfully implemented climate change projects in collaboration with global enivironmental fund, funded by the United Nations Developmental Programme. The project engaged NGOs, community groups and twelve schools.

Lamin is the Author of the book: Rice Production in The Gambia: Role and Needs of Women Rice Farmers in CRR. He has graduated with an MA in Rural Development Management, from Khon Kaen University in Thailand. He also has Diploma in Management Studies from the Management Development Institute (The Gambia), a Diploma in Rural Community Development from the Gambia Technical Training Institute and a trained permaculture practitioner. Lamin is a competent and experienced international development and community development practitioner, with extensive knowledge in inter-government and private sector relationships. He has the ability to facilitate collaborative and partnership working agreements, acquiring certificates of incorporations and can engage communities to work with donor agencies.